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Elevate waterproofing durability with Rhinoluxe Bitumen Silver Coat. This reflective bitumen paint is infused with aluminium for superior UV reflection, making it a cost-effective, highly durable finish that resists humidity and UV degradation. Ideal for roofing in wet coastal conditions, it ensures a protective and enduring solution for a variety of surfaces.

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  • Spread rate per m²

    The spread rate for the Bitumen Silver Coat is 9-10 square meters per liter. This rate can vary with the porosity and type of substrate, with an initial application on uncoated new surfaces expected to cover 8-10 square meters per liter for the first coat and 10-12 square meters per liter for subsequent coats when applied to sealed, previously painted substrates​​.

  • what % of UV & IR does it reflect? more the 30%?

    Our Bitumen Silver coat is engineered with the highest quality aluminum flake, offering superior reflective properties. While typical bitumen silver paints reflect about 50-60% of UV radiation, our advanced formulation with top-tier aluminum flakes pushes this boundary further, potentially reflecting well over 60% of UV rays. The exact percentage of reflectivity is subject to specific environmental and application conditions, but the superior quality of the aluminum flakes used in our product enhances its overall performance in shielding against both UV and IR radiation.

  • Can I apply this paint to concrete floor?

    Bitumen Silver Coat is suitable for application over torch-on waterproofing membranes on concrete floors. This paint acts as a reflective topcoat, enhancing the waterproofing properties of the underlying membrane and protecting it from UV radiation.