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Rhinoluxe's Bitumen Waterproofing, the all-in-one water-based emulsion perfect for various applications such as flashings, parapet walls, flat roof waterproofing areas, sealing joints, laps, and roofing screws on corrugated roofs, and even areas of total water immersion. Crafted with cutting-edge technology, our rubberized bitumen emulsion ensures a seamless, tough, and flexible waterproofing layer. With no need for separate primers (apart from metal surfaces) and suitability for potable water conditions, Bitumen Waterproofing stands as a testament to Rhinoluxe's commitment to quality, innovation, and excellence.

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  • How many square meters per 1 liter?

    It depends on the surface but normally about 6SQM/L

  • How many Square meters does a 20L cover?

    The coverage area for a 20L container of Rhinoluxe Water-Based Bitumen Waterproofing will depend on the surface condition and the application thickness. Generally, for a standard application, you can expect to cover approximately 4-6 square meters per liter. Therefore, a 20L container should cover between 80 to 120 square meters, assuming a single coat.

  • Can I use your Bitumen Waterproofing product to address leaks and cover holes in my old IBR roof? The roof area is approximately 210 square meters. I'm concerned about some existing rust and holes in the sheets.

    For an old IBR roof with leaks and some holes in rusted sheets, Rhinoluxe's Water-Based Bitumen Waterproofing can offer a solution for waterproofing and sealing. This product is designed to seal against water ingress, providing a protective layer over the roof. However, for areas with holes and significant rust, it's important to initially address these issues. Patch up holes and treat rusted areas before applying the waterproofing to ensure a long-lasting solution.