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Rhinoluxe Concrete Enamel is a high-quality, durable coating designed for concrete or cement floors, providing both protection and decoration. It's alkali-resistant, easy to clean, and offers a high-gloss finish, suitable for various settings including homes and businesses. This enamel allows for easy re-coating without specialized preparation, ensuring floors remain attractive and protected over time. Available in multiple colours, it supports a wide range of design preferences.

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  • Need to take out my old tile floor in my kitchen. Will this product be recommended to be used as replacement for tiles? Color shoud be more liter an with design preferences.

    Rhinoluxe Concrete Enamel is durable and gives a solid color finish, but it doesn’t incorporate designs like tiles. It’s a great choice if you prefer a sleek, uniform look. For design preferences or lighter colors, you might want to consider other options.

  • Can Rhinoluxe's Concrete Enamel be applied to an outside old white cement stoep/verandah area? The floor space will be cleaned with a high pressure hose and the cracks filled before application. Thank you Prof DJ Visser

    Yes, Rhinoluxe's Concrete Enamel can be applied to an outdoor, old white cement stoep/verandah area. Ensure the surface is well-cleaned with a high-pressure hose and that all cracks are filled before application for optimal results. Follow the product's specific guidelines for the best performance and durability.

  • Can it be used outdoors?

    Yes, Rhinoluxe's Concrete Enamel can be used outdoors. Its formulation provides excellent durability and protection against environmental elements, making it suitable for exterior applications.


    Rhinoluxe Concrete Enamel is designed for robustness and endurance, making it a solid choice for garage floors. Its formulation offers resistance against heavy traffic, spills, and wear, ensuring a durable and long-lasting finish. For optimal results, follow the application instructions closely.

  • Can I use Concrete Enamel on a polished concrete table top? If yes, which undercover to I need? Thank you.

    Painting over polished concrete is difficult becauce you loose the abrasion the paint needs to adhere to the substrate. You would need to first sand down the top or do an acid wash before painting to create some abrasion. No Primer is needed. You would apply a thinned down primer coat with the Concrete Enamel followed by two top coats.

  • Can it be used on the garage floor

    Yes, the concrete enamel can be used on a garage floor.

  • New concrete floor do I need to use an undercote first ans will it need 1 or 2 layers

    On a new concrete floor you can use the Concrete Enamel as your primer coat with two top coats. Your primer coat does have some dilution.

  • What the coverage is on your product per litre and do you have to use a bonding liquid for the product to adhere?

    Concrete enamel will give ou a coverage of 9 to 1 sqm per liter depending on the porosity of the surface area. You do not need  bonding ;iquid for the product to adhere.