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Rhinoluxe's Road Marking Paint is a modified alkyd-based product suitable for a variety of surfaces, including bricks, cement, concrete, stone, bituminous, and tarmac. It's designed for both interior and exterior use, offering durability, excellent adhesion, and resistance to abrasion. Meeting SABS 731-1 standards, this paint is ideal for roads, airfields, parking areas, and driveways, and it's available in multiple colors to meet specific requirements.

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  • Can I paint swimming pool using road marking paint.

    Yes, in theory you can and we have clients that do this.

  • How many liters do I need to cover 5km road marking?

    For a 5 km stretch of road marking using Quick Dry Road Marking Paint, you would need approximately 125 liters for the first coat, considering a spreading rate of 4 square meters per liter. If the road is not a new surface or has been sealed, and you're applying subsequent coats, you would require around 71.4 liters per coat, given a spreading rate of 7 square meters per liter. This estimation assumes standard road markings with a width of about 10 cm. Actual quantities may vary slightly depending on the exact dimensions and conditions of the road surface.

  • Which colours can I mix to make it grey.

    We can manufacture road marking paint in a grey for you. Get in touch with our team for special colours.