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Rhinoluxe Rubberized Bakkie Paint is designed for heavy-duty protection of vehicle surfaces, offering a non-slip, durable rubberized coating. It's ideal for bakkies, 4x4s, buses, trucks, and service vehicles, protecting against moisture, UV rays, chemicals, and physical abrasions. This paint ensures safety and longevity for high-wear areas like load beds, undercarriages, and more.

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  • Do you have to remove old rubber to apply new. And if yes. How do you remove it

    Removing old rubber would depend on the type and condition of the coating. There are differet formulations and one brand might not be compatable with another brand. Removing old rubber is normally done mechanically or through pressure blasting.

  • Can I apply it on wood floors like in containers?

    Yes, you can apply it on wooden floors.

  • Hi, what type of a spray gun can I use for DIY and how many litters needed for two long wheel base Bukkies

    You would need a Stone Chip Spray Gun, available at most hardeware stores. For a long wheel base bakkie you would need about 7L of Rubberized Bakkie Paint.

  • With what do you clean your gun after you sprayed the product

    You can clean-up application equipment with Xylene or QD Thinners

  • Do you also have it in white?

    It is only available in black. This is the natural color of the rubber.

  • Can I apply it using a paint brush

    Yes, you can apply Rubberized Bakkie Paint with a brush, trowel or spray-on.