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Rhinoluxe Stone Sealer is designed to protect and enhance stone surfaces, including Slasto, tiles, and cement screeds. This solvent-based sealer emphasizes the natural color of the substrate while providing resistance against water absorption, efflorescence, and medium-duty wear and tear. Its formulation also impedes fungal growth and prevents staining, particularly around areas prone to spillage like braai areas, offering a low gloss finish that can vary with surface porosity.

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  • Can you use the product to seal concrete paving?

    The Stone Sealer can be used on concrete paving. The Stone Sealer reduces water absorption, highlites the natural colour of the surface, impedes fungal growth and protects the surface from rain, sun and medium duty wear and tear.

  • Does it have a gloss or mat finish

    The Stone Sealer has a gloss finish. Depending on the porosity of the surface some surfaces might only present a gloss finish after a second coat.