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Rhinoluxe Rust Remover is designed for professional-grade rust removal from various metal surfaces. It's solvent-based, highly effective, easy to use, and safe for a range of metal types, including iron, steel, and chrome. The formula allows for quick and thorough rust dissolution, revitalizing metal surfaces efficiently.

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  • My metal gate has rusted badly, what materials should I use to remove prime and paint the gate?

    To remove rust, prime, and paint your metal gate, first use Rhinoluxe Rust Remover to eliminate all rust, then apply Rhinoluxe Quick Dry Red Oxide Primer to protect the metal and ensure better paint adhesion. Once the primer is dry, paint the gate with Rhinoluxe High Sheen Enamel for a durable and attractive finish, ensuring each layer is fully dry before applying the next​​​​​​.

  • Hi, can I use water based waterproofing products after I applied your product to a rusted roof?

    Yes, you can use water based products after using the Rust Remover. You can wash away the rust remover with soapy water or an Industrial Degreaser.

    Additionaly, I would recommend using a Zinc Phosphate Primer to spot prime the previously rusted areas.

    Finally, you can coat the roof with SHIELD, our Ultra Premium Waterproof Paint.