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Rhinoluxe Zinc Phosphate Primer is an alkyd-based primer offering excellent corrosion protection and rust resistance for mild steel and weathered galvanized iron. It ensures great adhesion and is ideal for use under decorative undercoats and top coats, promising a durable matt finish. The primer dries within 2-3 hours for touch and requires 16 hours to harden completely, requiring two coats for optimal performance.

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  • What colour is the zinc phosphate primer?

    We normally make the Zinc Phospahte Primer white or olive green.

  • Must you sand the rusted corrugated iron before you paint Rhinoluxe

    Proper surface preperation is neccesary. You can sand it down or use our Rust Remover. You can wash away the rust remover with soapy water or an Industrial Degreaser. Additionaly, I would recommend using the Zinc Phosphate Primer to spot prime the previously rusted areas. Finally, you can coat the roof with SHIELD, our Ultra Premium Waterproof Paint.